Warm Weather Jewelry

Posted by Sydney on May 31st 2016

Something we hear constantly is that people start to ditch the jewels once the weather gets hot. We get it, layering on a ton of jewelry isn't ideal when it's 90 degrees outside. But there is no need to loose the accessories altogether! You just have to think a little more strategically about what you put on. 

Think about this one word...Simplify. 

Instead of layering up on bracelets and necklaces, wear a cute pair of earrings and one or two bangles. Since earrings don't lay on the skin, they're the perfect warm weather accessory. Go for a small, light pair and you won't even notice when they're on! Skinny bangles or a cuff like the one pictured above, are also ideal. It's light and airy! What more could you ask for?!

Below are a couple examples that will hopefully inspire and motivate you to rethink storing the jewels till fall.  

From left to right, top to bottom:

Dragonfly Earrings $15

Riviera Earrings: $15

Maui Earrings $15 

Braided Waves $16

Bronze Bohemian $15

Swirl Bracelet $22

Hammered Circles Cuff $24

Infinity Cuff $24

Knotted Wire Braided Cuff $20

XO Cuff $24

All styles pictured are available to purchase on the site! 

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